im on a semi-hiatus during field hockey season - back to consistent blogging in a few weeks

currently reading the aeneid and watching community (s2)

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The Run And Go by Twenty One Pilots
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the run and go // twenty one pilots

don’t wanna hand you all my troubles
don’t wanna give you all my demons
you will have to watch me struggle from several rooms away
but tonight, i need you to stay

Film Lover Challenge

tagged by the amazin rora ( harryaverwood ) to list 15 movies i like as fast as i can then tag 5 ppl

  1. little miss sunshine
  2. but i’m a cheerleader
  3. cinema paradiso
  4. inception
  5. midnight in paris
  6. high school musical
  7. pirates of the caribbean
  8. the verdict
  9. juno
  10. a league of their own
  11. the lion king
  12. the breakfast club
  13. 10 things i hate about you
  14. mulan
  15. shutter island

and i tag tonyollerz eddiecastiles leopoldfitz vegan-salad spookystriders if any of you feel like it

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“don’t be shy” thanks u cured me

Perry and LaFontaine are busy dealing with a small garden gnome uprising situation in the basement, so Carmilla and I have taken over their PSA show thing today. (x)